RAM Partners With Churchill Downs: Horses Plus Horsepower

There are some areas of the country that are considered "this-brand" truck or "that brand" truck country. Here at Bob Pforte Motors we like to say that Marianna and Northern Florida is RAM truck country, but such is not the case with much of the state of Kentucky. Why Kentucky? Well the story goes that four years ago, Chrysler and RAM wanted to break into the Kentucky truck market, as this area was heavily dominated by competitor brands. Employing an innovative and brilliant marketing strategy, local RAM dealer leads have grown 350 percent in the state. Read on to learn the secret to the success.

It all started in 2010 when Chrysler signed a deal with Churchill Downs, branding its name on jockey pants, at the stables of the venerated horse racing track, and at the winner's circle at the Derby. Then, the brand followed up by launching its "Guts. Glory. Ram." Campaign. It also added a "Horsemen's Lounge," staffed by RAM Truck ambassadors to serve participants in the Derby. This year, a RAM Longhorn truck was added to the red carpet at the event as a photo op.

With all the positive exposure before, during and after the big event, RAM trucks are now being considered by horse trainers, jockeys and other derby supporters. This is great news, as Marissa Hunter, head of Chrysler Group's RAM truck brand communications and advertising notes. "This for us is a huge win. Louisville has long been Ford country. We basically had no presence there. From a marketshare standpoint… that place has been owned by Ford for years and years and years. So we're very excited that what we're doing there at Churchill Downs seems to be paying off."1

Did you notice the RAM longhorn emblem popping up throughout the race? We sure think that everyone should be considering a RAM 1500 or RAM 2500 when in the market for a new truck. With several awards to its name and so much to offer drivers all over the United States, it should be an easy decision for many Americans.

Leave us a comment, and let us know what you think of RAM's partnership with Churchill Downs. In the meantime, don't hesitate to stop by Marianna, FL and check out our incredible selection of new RAM pickups.

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