Dodge Dart Rallies With Travis Pastrana

The all-new sedan from Bob Pforte Motors' favorite automaker Dodge, the Dodge Dart has been making waves since being introduced to Marianna motorists and drivers across the U.S.  The venerable sedan has been delighting Dodge enthusiasts by also showing up on racing circuits throughout the country, testing speed and mettle on the track. One of the venues the Dart has been competing in is RallyCross, with Dodge's official Dart racer being manned by none other than the renowned extreme sports icon Travis Pastrana.

Folks often wonder what it's like to get behind the wheel of the tuned RallyCross vehicles, and Motor Trend recently got that opportunity on their web series, J-Turn.

Right from the start, Pastrana shows why he makes a living driving fast, blasting off the starting line and exhibiting great ability to perfectly execute some of the hardest driving techniques, like sideways drifting, with calm and simple ease. During the episode, he also expounds on the differences between motorcycle, stock car and RallyCross racing. Finding where your balance lies was the most important aspect, notes Pastrana. His Dart RallyCross racer, though modified, gets its perfect balance from being of the same platform as the Dodge Dart drivers find on our Florida Dodge showroom floor.

Pastrana isn't the only one driving a Dart in races. His teammate, Bryce Menzies, drives a Dart as well, albeit his Dart setup differs from Pastrana's in a number of ways. Good thing Marianna car shoppers have a similar level of customization, with a variety of trims and available features to get exactly the Dart they want.

Really, it was just cool to see what the Dart was capable of in the hands of an expert. To see how it can keep you happy at all times, stop in during regular business hours. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and set up a test drive in models that interest you.

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